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Title Interior (Showing the Artist’s Wife and Child)
Collection Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery
Artist Hoog, Bernard de (Dutch painter, 1867-1943)
Date Earliest probably about 1890
Date Latest probably about 1910
Signed yes
Description The painting depicts a simple, rustic, interior. In the centre sits a mother holding her child upon her knee. Both are facing to the left, where there is a large fireplace. We may imagine that they are warming themselves before it on a cold day. The child is playing with some small object, under the careful attention of the mother. On the fire is a metal pot, heating, while beside is a ceramic jug of something keeping warm.
Current Accession Number BLKMG:P121
Inscription front lr 'Bernard de Hoog'
Subject interior; everyday life; figure
Measurements 59.8 x 53.4 cm cm (estimate)
Material oil on canvas
Acquisition Details Given by James Alexander Watson J.P. 1909.
Provenance Richard Haworth, Dealer in Works of Art, 35 Preston Road, Blackburn (?)

Born in Amsterdam on 19 November 1867, de Hoog apparently worked in an office for a number of years, until his employer discovered his sketches in the ledgers and commissioned a portrait of his wife. He worked under Jan van Essen and first exhibited in Amsterdam about 1886. Known for his typically ‘Dutch' subjects, he is described by Richard Haworth as a disciple of Jozef Israëls. 1889 - First class medal and Officer de l'Academie Contemporaine de Paris. 1894 - Exhibited at Rotterdam. 1906 - Exhibited in Amsterdam. 1907 - Exhibited at Rotterdam and Royal Academy, London. See Richard Haworth, 'The Art of Bernard de Hoog' , The Studio, 15th Jan 1909.‘

A pamphlet by Richard Haworth was put together as an ‘information pack' for some sale or exhibition at Haworth's dealership. Haworth obviously had a good commercial relationship with de Hoog, based on the sheer volume of his works that passed through the dealership over the years. It is possible that he was buying in bulk directly from the artist, or his representation in Amsterdam.

In dating this painting, we must allow for a certain amount of doubt; the style is 19th century, and Hoog was certainly active in the 1890s, but the date of the pamphlet indicates that many of his paintings sold through R. Haworth may be from 1900 - 1909. It could thereforebeasily be a 20th century painting.

James Alexander Watson lived at 83 Preston New Road, Blackburn.

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Author Malcolm Barclay




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